18 March 2015
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Heroes' Tears: An Original RPG Game

"This is an original tabletop RPG with a creative slant for those that love new monsters, crazy spells and lizards who happen to make bad choices - often."

- Martin Lambert co-creator Heroes' Tears

Welcome to an epic world that is yours to create, conquer and explore. Heroes' Tears is a unique tabletop fantasy role playing game in a low magic setting where you create your character and then explore to find adventure.

Limitless character types are available and you prioritize what you are going to be good at through our flexible character creation system. You choose from combat, fortune, magic and skills.

Once you've balanced your priorities you are ready to go! Believe e when I say this. We have created a huge series of unique and detailed settings for your characters to wander through.

When you have your character together you start exploring these worlds. We have a rich and diverse universe with grand cities, dusty hovels, undead-infested dungeons and many more. We populate these places with tyranical beasts, angry elves and lots of loopy lizard men. 

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