The Adventurer Journal: Heroes' Tears Ezine

Explore the world of Heroes' Tears with the short fiction of our ezine. Walk with heroes as they tell the stories of their adventures and share in their victory or defeat. Each section collects stories of a certain type. To hear from the warriors click on the links under The Freesword's Guild, etc. 


Tales from the Freesword's Guild details the stories of warriors and other guild members. 

Story 1: Dwarf on the Plains

 Story 2: The Hammer of Vengeance


Scroll and Wand are the stories of spellcasters and their doings.

 Story 1: Rime of the Ancient Magi



The Grinning Rogue spotlights the stories of thieves, rangers and bards.


 Story 1: The Courtesan's Contest


The Naturalist's Guild is the society of the learned who write about their observations of the natural world that others may gain information. 

 Story 1: Birds of a Feather