What is Heroes' Tears?

Heroes' Tears is an innovative low fantasy role playing game (RPG) created by Knight Errant Games.

     You create a character using our character races, some of which were drawn from mythology and some we created originally then you assign attributes, such as strength and intelligence, using our point buy system or rolling die for it. Once you have your race and attributes you balance your priorities between Combat (toughness, attack bonus, weapon/armor skills), Fortune (starting money, access to equipment, Luck points and contacts), Magic (Can you cast spells? Which ones? How many? Are you good at it?) and Skills (access to skills, points per level and how many can you put into each skill). The balance of the priorities along with your race and attributes determines much about who your character is, what they are good at and why they adventure. 

     You play by having a storyteller describe a scene and then reacting to it. The game takes place within your imagination. 

     "Imagine for a moment that it is the first century after the fall of Rome in Europe. Civilization has collapsed and everybody is just trying to get by. It is the age of superstition when even the best educated swear demons and spirits wander just outside their tightly shuttered doors. You are a hunter who prowls the woods around your village for food. You carry a hunting bow and a long skinning knife and are dressed with waterproof leather clothing and good boots to withstand any weather. Something is devouring local livestock and desperate farmers have promised you a reward for making it stop. It is near dusk on a moonless night and you are hiding in some brush on the edge of a field grazed by sheep. Suddenly, the flock begins to baa and gather tightly together. You can see brush moving about,
contrary to the direction of the wind, around ten paces away from you, but you cannot make out what is causing it. What do you do? The answer to what do you do forms the basis of role play.

• Is your character a hero or a coward?

• Do you draw your knife, bellow a battle cry and charge or sneak close with your bow drawn?

• Do you scream and run away or stealthily withdraw to fight another day?

• There are as many answers to, “What do you do?”, as there are players. What is YOUR answer?


     For those of you more familiar with role playing games Heroes' Tears is a D20 system game with a lot of really unique monsters, a different character creation system and a very special spin on treasure. All the things together take a familiar game system and turn it on its ear.